Little Flower Trust

At 360, we believe it’s important to help those less fortunate than ourselves, not just with words, but with actions. That’s why we support the St Theresa Orphan Foundation, in Obera, Argentina.

Misiones is a remote province in Northern Argentina, bordering Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay. The landscape is lush sub tropical rain forest, but it is inhabited by some of the world’s poorest people. Father Liam Hayes runs two homes for abandoned children in the town of Obera. The first home was opened in 1993 and the second some years later. Due to the economic state of the country these remote areas are forgotten by the government and given little state aid.

Poor families here, who are unable to care for their children, often hide them away or leave them on the roadside. Mostly Liam is made aware of the plight of these children by locals and he then takes the children anti anxiety into his care, giving them a new life. However with more aid and donations he would hope to be able to open more homes and give a brighter life to more children.

“Before I reached the homes in Obera I was expecting to find a lot of poor people living in desperate conditions. However the scene was much different. These people had come from absolutely horrific conditions, left in fields, sheds and make-shift homes, abandoned by their poverty stricken parents, who could no-longer cope. In the homes these people have found a safe and happy environment to live in. The homes are basic but clean, with regular meals, something many of the residents have never experienced. The residents have found a place of happiness, where they are loved and where they feel like human beings, regaining their human dignity.”

Brian Keegan, MD,360 Group

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