Contract Jobs Overseas

If you are looking at a contract job overseas, then 360 can provide you with all of your international payroll solutions and advisory services. We are aware that in the new, unknown, international marketplace that you are joining, there may be a wide range of conflicting information that may leave you confused, or worse, susceptible to financial penalties arising from a lack of information of, and non-compliance with foreign legislations. As most governments have put austerity plans in place to reduce national debt, the focus on overseas contractors has increased.

Whilst you can take advantage of many tax breaks and allowances overseas to increase your net take home pay, this needs to be done in a way that’s compliant with your host country.

When taking a contractor job overseas, you need complete peace of mind that your financial matters are taken care of, and that you are not at risk of being liable for anything that could go wrong. Together with our local consultants, 360 will assist you in being fully compliant with the tax and social security legislation of the country you are working in, so you can be rest assured that all of your financial obligations are taken care of.

Why choose 360?

You can look to 360 to make your contract job overseas as simple as possible.  Our professional team ensure you will benefit from:

  • A dedicated service from our international consultants in- country
  • Full compliance with tax and social security requirements in- country
  • Compliant reporting of your earnings back home
  • All your administration taken care of by our experienced staff
  • Daily payroll and payments released the same day – on average half a day quicker than other companies

You will be free to enjoy the maximum benefits of your take home pay, as 360 will ensure that you are paid accurately and on time, freeing you from the burden of your administrative obligations. Our dedicated account managers will offer you comprehensive advice and will be on hand to answer any queries, or assist you with any problems you may have during your contract job overseas.

So how do you get started?

You may be in the early stages of considering which country to work in, or are already in the country, whatever stage you’re at give us a call to talk through your options. The main details we will need in order to advise you on your retention rate (take home pay) are:

  • The contract rate
  • The country/countries where the work is to be performed
  • The length of the contract
  • Name of staffing agency/client you will be working through, and your contact there (if known)
  • Name of the end client

A member of our expert team will then be able to go through the process for the set up of your contract. We will let you know what documents you will need, such as copies of your passport and any immigration documents needed to work in the country of your contract, and we will put you in touch with our local representative. Once you have accepted the contract via your agency/end client, inform 360 Worldwide and you’ll soon be ready to go!

For further advice on contract jobs overseas, call one of our team on 020 7471 3500