Take Home Pay

It would be easy for you to think that an umbrella company was only about finding ways to maximise take home pay. Unfortunately, there are many umbrella companies out there who make exaggerated claims to appeal to contractors like you, and to be completely honest, in today’s climate, the offer of a higher take home pay is always going to be appealing. However, this also creates a problem for umbrella companies, like 360, that offer legitimate, above board propositions to contractors. The impact on the perception of the industry has been huge.

Our Responsibilities

At 360, we have maintained a clean compliance record dating back to our start-up in 1998. You can be assured that we will take every step to ensure that you are not placed under any risk of breaching relevant legislation.

Your 360 commitment to see you receive the best possible take home pay, includes:

  • HMRC administration
  • Full compliance with IR35 for Ltd companies
  • All necessary insurances provided
  • Expert advice from our dedicated professionals

For more information on how 360 can help you to maximise your take home pay, call one of our dedicated account managers today on 020 7471 3500