Umbrella Company Fees

Contracting has become a popular career choice for many skilled professionals, and the freelance marketplace is set to grow even further in the next few years. When looking for umbrella companies to provide your payroll services, you may naturally be looking at the umbrella company fees to help you decide which one to use. You need to bear in mind that no umbrella company can provide any more take home pay than any other as they are regulated by HMRC. The only factor that will affect your physical take home pay is the fees.

However, this does not mean you should necessarily choose the cheapest as you must not underestimate the value of additional services an umbrella company, like 360, will provide. In addition to our benefits package and award winning customer service, 360 can offer you:

  • Competitive rates
  • A fixed fee structure rather than a percentage of your invoice
  • We offer total compliance with HMRC
  • Dedicated account managers who are completely up to date with your information
  • Guaranteed service levels to ensure you get paid on time
  • 24 hr secure online portal for submitting timesheets and expenses
  • Comprehensive professional insurances of £10 million professional indemnity, £5million public liability and £10million employers liability
  • Longevity. As one of the longest established companies in the market, you know that we stand the test of time

Every contractor and placement is individual, and our fees are tailored to your unique requirements to assure that we provide precisely the service that you require.

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